Wedding Cake Progress: (Day 3) The Finished Product


April 28, 2017

Today is the day our three tiered themed wedding cakes are due!! Since my last post I came in on Wednesday to work on my cake. I made up some more buttercream frosting and dyed some of it Tiffany blue! I put some in a piping bag with a Wilton 1M tip to create rosettes. This I piped on my bottom 10 inch round tier. IMG_5856

I then placed some pearl sixlets around the rosettes and created a boarder with them between the bottom and middle layer. IMG_5867 (1)

I then piped on scroll work with a Wilton 5 tip on the second 8 inch round second tier that I covered in fondant last week. IMG_5867

This is where I had stopped on Wednesday. When I came in on Friday morning at 7:30 I started on my third tier, a 6 inch square box with a lid. I dyed some fondant Tiffany blue and covered my box. I then covered a cardboard lid that I made with the fondant. Next I added some Tylose powder to some white fondant to create the bow on the box.

Next I rolled out some white strips to create the criss-crossing ribbons on the lid of the box and the side of the box. IMG_5865

Next I added the fondant tissue paper that I made and the silver painted chain bracelet. I also added some wooden dowels to hold in the chain and hold up the lid of the box.  IMG_5866

Next I added on the Tiffany hearts and put on the lid. IMG_5870

Here’s the Finished Product!!!!!! IMG_5873

~Holly O


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