Photo Shoot

April 24, 2017

Today I arrived to food styling at 7:30 to prepare for my photo shoot that is worth half my grade!!! I decided to do a charcuterie board. So last night I went to Subway on campus with zip-lock bags in hand. I got to subway and asked for a deluxe Italian hero foot-long on Italian bread. The sandwich artist went to go cut the bread but I stopped her. She seemed confused and I explained that I needed the bread and meats for a project for my class. I then handed her zip-lock bags for the three different meats and some olives and banana peppers. I also ordered a sandwich I could eat for dinner while I was there. I took the meats and veggies and put them in my fridge in my room to take to class the next morning.

While at home this weekend I gathered some props to use in my photo shoot.

Some red wine bottles with corks, from my collection of wine bottles for my wedding.
A couple different cork screws to choose from and some corks.
This cute little dish that I found at Burke’s Outlet a while ago. 
And an assortment of fake grapes.

I gathered more props from the kitchen and the ingredients I asked Chef Mary Helen to get me.

I assembled everything together on a wooden cutting board. Here it is: IMG_5843 This picture was taken on my phone, but the ones that Mr. Chris took on his professional camera were so much better. But I’m happy with it! Next Monday we will be reviewing the photos of everyone’s food styling projects!

~Holly O



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