Wedding Cake Progress: (Day 2) And the Decorating Begins!!

April 21, 2017

Today in Advanced Baking, I arrived early at 7:30 (I keep coming to class early it’s like it really does start at 7:30) to start stacking and decorating my cake.

Thursday in my dorm room I worked on fondant decorations. I made some “tissue paper” for my top layer box, some “jewelry”, and some diamond cut outs. IMG_5809IMG_5810

First things first to get my cakes out of the freezer and to set some butter out to begin coming to room temperature to make the buttercream frosting. IMG_5756

Allie and I made a big batch of buttercream frosting for us to share.  IMG_5806IMG_5804IMG_5805

Once we had our buttercream made we started trimming, frosting, and stacking our cakes. I trimmed off the dome of the cake to make it level.


Next I put some buttercream frosting down then spread it out.IMG_5812IMG_5813

Next I put the top layer on, followed by more buttercream on top to smooth down the sides and around the cake.  IMG_5811

Once it was all smoothed out I set aside the bottom and top layer to decorate further later. IMG_5819

For the middle layer, I rolled out some white fondant to cover it. IMG_5817IMG_5818

This is where I stopped working, because class was over and I needed to drive home to make my niece’s first birthday cake!!

Next Friday, the 28th, our wedding cakes are due!!!

~Holly O


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