Gumpaste Flowers

March 31, 2017

Today in Advanced Baking Chef Mary Helen taught us how to make gum paste flowers.


We each started off with some corn starch, a piece of gumpaste, a piece of cheese cloth, and a piece of twine. IMG_5701IMG_5702IMG_5703

We used the cheese cloth and twine to make a dusting bag for the corn starch.


We took the little piece of gumpaste and broke it into little pieces. IMG_5707

We then added a tablespoon of hot water and stirred.


This made our gumpaste glue.

Next we got a new piece of gumpaste and kneaded it. IMG_5710

Then we rolled it out and used these flower shaped cutters to cut out different flower shapes.

Here I made a daisy!

Next I made a rose!


Here are some of the flowers that Chef Mary Helen made.

Next week we are starting on our wedding cakes!!

~Holly O


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