Prostart Day!

January 27, 2017

Today we had over 300 students come from multiple schools around Mississippi to The W to tour campus, tour our culinary department, talk to our instructors, and watch demos. I was a group leader and had two schools in my group: North Forrest High School and Tishomingo County Vocational Tech Center with 37 students between the two. We were originally supposed to all meet outside, but it cold and windy. All the students pilled in the culinary building and we broke into our groups. My group was first on the campus tour, outside and cold. We walked around campus with our tour guide and she explained each of the buildings and what they are for. We went to Kincannon Residence Hall to show the students a dorm room. After that we rounded around the cafeteria and back to Shattuck Hall, the culinary department. Next up was a tour of the department. I walked the students through the kitchen and then out the back door to the CHEW truck. At the CHEW truck the students got a piece of fruit and a bottle of water. I told them about the truck and what Project CHEW stood for: Cook Healthy. Eat Well.IMG_5228

After that we went to a classroom and answered any questions they might have. We talked about classes, Finals Dinner, and living on campus. Then we transitioned to the gallery for financial aid to talk to them and Ms. Dahl to talk to them about our program. Lastly we went to watch demos. First up we went and watched Allie C. demo a tree stump cake. (Check out the pictures on her blog @thekitchenzest.) I came in on Thursday to help Allie make the buttercream while see made the menagerie mushrooms. Next we went and watched Kimberly H. make pineapple salsa! The kids seemed to have a really good time and were ready for lunch!

Next week we will be in the kitchen learning cake decorating skills!

~Holly O


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